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Related article: Adventures With Jody 4 Copyright � 2004 by Jerry Leckie You may download my writing for your own reading pleasure; however, you may not place my writing on a website or reproduce stories for distribution without my permission. WARNING: My short story fiction deals with very mature subjects and with explicit language, some of which is of a sexual nature. If viewing such material is illegal where you live or if viewing such material would be offensive to you, please click on the BACK button of your browser NOW to return to other sections of the Preteen Lolita Pics Web. Gay love story. Celebrity. Adult. Explicit sex. Five chapters. A young man rescues a popular European porn star from a situation and is rewarded with danger, adventure, love and new-found self-respect as a gay man. ADVENTURES WITH JODY Chapter Four Double Czech When my eyes flickered open the next morning, I was still laying on my back. The sun was making a valiant effort to penetrate the thick curtains that covered the windows. I smiled as I felt the heat from Carls body, still cuddled next to me. We had hardly moved during the night. I felt the same surge of emotion in my heart that I felt last night as I studied Carls face. He looked like an angel. Soft curls of dark hair framed a tanned face that had never known acne nor would allow blemish of any kind. His long eyelashes rested contentedly on his cheeks. His red lips curved into a perpetual expression that invited kisses. He was more than handsome; he was beautiful; and I realized to my everlasting satisfaction that he was just as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside. My thoughts began to gather themselves and course back and forth through my mind as I let my fingers lazily comb the curls of his hair and as I inhaled his masculine scent. I loved Carl; but, was I IN LOVE with him? If so, would he consent to be my angel, my love, my equal partner? I never felt as emotionally right with anyone as I did with Carl last night. But, does that mean that Im in love with him? Oh, shit, this is so new to me! What are you thinking so hard about? he asked in a soft voice just above a whisper. I smiled at the sound and turned lazily on my side to face him. You, I said staring into those big brown eyes, and me. He smiled and caressed my cheek with his fingers. Im glad. I hope it was good. Carl, I feel about as good as Ive ever felt, but Ive never been in love with anyone before. Help me out. How do you know when youre in love? Carl chuckled. Beats the hell out of me. Ive never been in love with anyone before either. But, Im pretty sure Im in love with you. Last night all but proved it for me. Yeah, I know what you mean. Ive never felt anything like that kiss and hug. It blew my mind. Carl laughed aloud. Blew something else too. And we both laughed. Suddenly, Carls face turned serious. Andy, do I want to know why you asked to sleep with me? My face screwed up into a wry expression. Ill tell you the truth. Jody told me to. Carl frowned and I continued. The guys got insight like you wouldnt believe. He told me that I was ready to fall in love, but not with him. Said his life was back in the Czech Republic and mine was here. Then, he said you were ready to fall in love and that I should ask to sleep in your room to prove that he was right. Since you told me the truth, Ill do likewise. I was already falling for you. I couldnt be jealous of your relationship with Jody though, partly because I loved you both so much and partly because you fit so well together. I said with awe, So, it took sweet lovable Jody to see the truth and speak out. God, that guy is wonderful! Just then, both our stomachs rumbled, sending us into a Preteen Lolita Pics fit of embarrassed chuckles and reminding us that we hadnt eaten in God knows when. Maybe we should check on that wonderful guy to see if hes ready to eat too. Your uncle said he would have breakfast ready for us at any time. Sounds like a plan, Carl said, dragging me out of bed, Lets shower together. I want to feel your body next to me for a few more minutes. We cleaned each other thoroughly, in between deep kisses and that activity known euphemistically as hanky-panky. Once we were dressed and presentable, we knocked softly on Jodys door. Not receiving an answer, we tiptoed inside just in time to see him emerge from the bath toweling his hair dry. He stopped and looked at us speculatively with a half smile on his face. We grinned in answer and gathered him into a group hug whispering, Thank you Jody, into his ears. He pulled back smiling and gave us each a kiss on the lips. I am so happy. I knew I was right about you. He looked at me. Or, I would not have sent you into his room. After Jody dressed, we went to the kitchen. There we were warmly greeted by Mario and treated to a sumptuous breakfast. When our stomachs were full, Carl emptied his coffee cup and addressed Mario. Uncle, I want you to know how grateful we are for taking us in; but, Im sorry Uncle Luciano brought our trouble to you. Mario laughed uproariously. You are very welcome my little Carlo and I could never regret any circumstance that would bring you to me. As far as the trouble goes, I have taken reasonable precautions. He looked at our puzzled faces and continued. Last night after speaking with Luciano, I called in a favor and arranged for our protection. Carl asked, Is he . . . ?" No, he is not an associate of Lucianos. He is an off duty San Francisco police officer of my acquaintance who has been shadowing us since you landed. He also slept here last night and is observing the street as we speak. Let me introduce you to him. Mario returned to the dining room minutes later with a ruggedly handsome young man dressed in casual street clothes. Ted, this is my nephew Carlo and his friend Andy. Ted smiled warmly and shook hands with us, giving us his undivided attention. But when Mario turned to introduce him to Jody, Teds confident manner evaporated, his clear blue eyes went wide and he went momentarily speechless. Recovering quickly, he grabbed Jodys hand and stammered, Youre Jody Marek! You must know my work. Ive got every video youve ever made. Mario threw Ted a questioning look. You know this young man? Ted wrenched his eyes from Jodys and dropped his hand. He turned to Mario with renewed confidence and announced, Yes, of course. Hes famous! Hes a uh, uh, famous model, known worldwide. Then his fair complexion blushed scarlet. Mario smiled knowingly. I think I better understand Mr. Pellegrinis interest in you boys now. He offered us seats at the dining table and turned to Ted once again. Now Ted, what is your assessment of our security situation? No one was looking for you at the airport last night and no one followed us here. The street is clear now. Is there any reason for Mr. Pellegrini to connect you with these three men? Mario shook his head. Well, Id say then that we are in the clear. Do you require my services any longer? Carl and I were trying to suppress giggles as Teds eyes kept darting back and forth between Mario and Jody during his report. We also noted that Jody hadnt taken his eyes off Ted since they had been introduced. Before Mario could respond to Teds question, Carl winked at me and spoke up. Uncle, we seem to be safe here and since Jody has never been to San Francisco, wed like to take him on a tour of the city. Would it be all right if Ted accompanies us, just for insurance? He could be our tour guide too. Ted beamed. Mario smiled expansively. Of course, I should have thought of that myself. You four boys go out and enjoy yourselves, he turned to Jody, and avail yourself of all our beautiful city has to offer. He turned to Ted. Do you have everything you need? Ted grinned and pulled back his jacket to reveal his shoulder holster bearing a sleek looking pistol. I have more on me besides this. Mario nodded and gave him a tremendous hug that Ted happily returned. We grabbed our jackets and were out in the bright sunshine in minutes. Ted decided to take a taxi instead of driving his car so that he wouldnt have to be our guide and chauffeur at the same time. Fortunately, a cab chose that moment to turn our corner. We hailed it and piled in, Jody, Carl and me in the back and Ted in front. As we got under way, Carl asked, Where shall we go first? Jody and I shrugged. Ted, you live here, just take us on a tour. Teds smile broadened. Okay, lets go to my beat first. Driver, take us to Seventeenth and Castro. As the cab began to make its way across the city, Carl asked, Ted, how do you know my uncle. Ted sobered. I was your cousin Rudys lover. We were together for nine years. When Rudy passed away so soon after his wife, Mario sort of adopted me as part of his family. I see him quite often and weve grown very close. Ted smiled warmly. It sounds like hes very fond of you too. Hes mentioned you often since you moved to Los Angeles. I think he would like to see more of you. Im sure he would. I love him very much. I was at college in Europe when Rudy died, and Aunt Amelia too. So, I missed both their funerals. Im glad youre here for him, to keep that connection with Rudy. Its my pleasure. Hes easy to love. Apparently, Jody could no longer hold back a question he was dying to ask. Ted, you are gay and a San Francisco police officer also. How is that possible? Ted laughed easily. The city actively recruits gays and lesbians into the police department. Ive been a peace officer for five years, and the gay district of the city is my beat. As a matter of fact, were here now. We alighted from the cab and Ted waved his arm and the street. Gentlemen, The Castro, the gay nerve center of San Francisco. Shall we explore? He grasped Jodys hand and continued. Its okay for guys to hold hands most anywhere in the city, but particularly here. Smiling, I grabbed Carls hand and we started down Castro Street. Ted added, Dont be surprised if people recognize me. Itll be all right. Just enjoy yourselves. And, we did. We strolled in and out of shops, covering the entire district, sometimes holding hands, sometimes with our arms around each other, and occasionally stealing kisses. Ted seemed to be in Nirvana. We were utterly flabbergasted when Ted began to explain something to Jody in Czech. At our startled expression, he explained, My last name is Dubcek. I was raised in a small town in south Texas originally populated by Czech immigrants. I grew up learning English and Czech at the same time. Jody beamed. Thereafter, whenever Jody had difficulty understanding something we said, Ted would translate for him. Meanwhile, Carl and I were enjoying the warm glow we were generating between ourselves. Later, we toured the financial and retail districts, the waterfront and took a boat tour of San Francisco Bay. Naturally, we rode the cable cars, stopping off just before sunset to have a sumptuous Italian dinner in the North Beach district. Our server was a large woman to whom Carl endeared himself when he ordered in Italian. After the first course, they conversed often, ensuring that our plates and wine glasses were constantly full. For the sake of our overstuffed stomachs, we walked from the restaurant to the top of Nob Hill and capped off the evening with Irish coffees in the penthouse bar atop one of the hotels. The view, the ambiance and the company were the perfect end to a perfect day. The cab ride back to Marios bed and breakfast inn was interesting. All four of us crammed into the back seat. My head was on Carls shoulder and Jodys head was nestled in the crook of Teds arm. We filled the cab with the kind of contented silence that spoke loudly of love and goodwill. Mario greeted us with rounds of hot chocolate and withheld his news until he had heard every detail of our day. Now boys, I have some good news for you. It seems that Mr. Pellegrini is no longer living in Los Angeles. Carl stopped smiling. You mean hes . . . ? Mario roared with laughter. No, he is very much alive. Its that he and his associates have decided, for reasons of health, that the climate in Sicily is more to their liking. Early this morning, Lucianos men observed them boarding an airliner bound for Rome and Palermo. Jody, it also seems that your contract with Mr. Pellegrini is null and void. We all cheered. Carl gave Jody a peck on the cheek and said, Thats great news, and looking at me, in more ways than one. We have jobs waiting for us in LA. Maybe we should fly down there first thing tomorrow morning and claim them before someone else does. He ruffled my hair and favored me with a peck on the lips. Ted cleared his throat and mumbled, Well, I have a job too. I go on duty tomorrow at noon, so I had better be getting home. Mario glanced at Ted and Jodys hangdog looks and stifled a laugh. Oh come on Ted, its late. You know youre welcome to stay here. Why dont you? That way you can drive these boys down to the airport in the morning and see them off. Youd like that wouldnt you? You all have seemed to have gotten along so well. Ted produced a dazzling smile. Sure, Id like that. Mario suddenly frowned. Oh damn! I just remembered that I rented the last available room just before you boys got back. Ted and Jody looked momentarily panic stricken until Jody passed Ted a look. Turning to Mario, he explained equitably, Mr. Coletti, since you have so graciously offered Ted the hospitality of your house, it would be unthinkable to have to withdraw it; especially after the tremendous service he has performed on our behalf. Therefore, I would offer to share my room with him; that is, if it is acceptable with Ted. Mario looked self-satisfied. Thats very generous of you Jody. What do you say Ted? Ted tried to suppress a broad smile. Jody, thats very nice of you. I accept your generous offer. Carl and I could no longer contain ourselves. We burst out laughing so hard that we fell off our chairs and began rolling around on the floor. Mario too burst out laughing. Ted and Jody simply stood there blushing with sheepish grins. Mario pointed at them and laughed harder. Then, they too joined in the merriment. Eventually, we recovered and bid Mario good night. Soon, we four were standing in front of our respective bedrooms. Carl and I sent Ted and Jody into their room with good night hugs and retired to our own. In minutes, Carl and I were standing naked beside the bed basking in each others presence. My physical senses ran riot. I could see his male beauty. I could hear his deep masculine voice declare his love for me. I could feel his hard muscles ripple under his smooth skin. I could taste his sweet mouth. And, I grew dizzy from the scent of his male musk. Yet, these were only objective reactions. My mental senses resonated with our common soul emotions. As we embraced, an aura that defied description surrounded us. Our breaths came in short gasps. Carl didnt seem to be able to move. With my fingertips resting lightly on his biceps for support, I laved his cheek with my tongue and lips until I reached his ear. I explored the recesses of this organ only with the tip of my tongue, feeling the current running between us. Emboldened by this electric-like power, I sucked his ear lobe for a moment and attacked the soft tissue of his neck with my lips. Carl began a high keening and I felt his body trembling under my fingertips. I kissed my way down to his breast and suckled his left nipple as my fingertips left feather-like touches up and down his sides. Finally, I knelt before him sliding my fingertips down his stomach to come to rest on either side of his rampant manhood. At that moment, Carls nerves could absorb no more stimulation. His hips bucked convulsively as he ejaculated. When I could tear my eyes away from this glorious sight, I looked up at Carl; his head was thrown back, mouth open in a silent scream of ecstasy. At last he looked down, chest heaving and let out an animal growl. With one swift move, he picked me up and threw me on the bed. He sprang atop my body. Carls dark eyes were smoldering, surveying his territory closely for the first time. I held my breath, as he seemed to decide on his next move. He went for my testicles. They had drawn up so tight against the base that they had retreated into my body. But, Carls full, talented lips attacked the sack and sucked them out of their hiding places. He laved them lightly until my sack was completely relaxed. Then, he began to stroke my genitals with his tongue and fingertips, bringing me to the brink of orgasm several times. Oh Carl, I muttered hoarsely, Ive never felt anything like this before. I know Andy. Its intense, but I want you to remember this night for the rest of your life. Just let me know when you cant stand it any more. He continued to minister to me for several minutes until my nerves went on overload. I screamed his name and he immediately began to nurse my manhood. By the time I ejaculated the load of my life into his mouth I was a quivering mass of flesh. Carl gathered me into his arms and let me sob into his shoulder. He stroked me until I calmed down and we both fell into a deep sleep. Good morning, I thought I heard/felt. I roused myself out of blissful sleep to realize with delight that Carl was still holding me. He was spooned tightly against my back. My head lay on one of his arms. I watched his outstretched hand come closer to my face until the fingers pinched my nose. His other arm was around my waist and the hand attached to it began to stroke my chest. God, it felt good to be close to him. I inhaled deeply, drinking in his scent, committing it permanently to memory. I wanted to wake up every morning like this! Good morning, he said again. Ah, I did feel his voice, because his Preteen Lolita Pics chin was resting against the back of my neck. I took the fingers that tweaked my nose and sucked each one lightly in answer. Carl countered by brushing my nipples, which instantly erected. My dick also erected, but as his arm tightened its grip around my waist, I knew that he was way ahead of me. His erection, in all of its hard glory, was pressed tightly against my buttocks. I started to panic. I wondered seriously if I could take that monster into my virgin butt. I was suddenly in a quandary. I had always been the top with my sex partners, but now I wanted nothing more than to have the love of my life consummate our union. I reached back to feel him. My God, it felt like a bar of steel! Could Preteen Lolita Pics I do this? I guess Carl sensed my feelings, because he relaxed his hold on me and lightly stroked my erection while whispering soothing words into my ear. It worked. I forgot all fear. Then, his hips began to undulate against my buttocks as he continued to stroke my cock lightly. Ummm! He had my body humming in a matter of minutes. I shivered and stopped his hand on my dick just in time. Abandoning my erection, Carl took me in a vice-like grip and pushed his hips forward. His dick was wet with excitement and its actions greased my rectum in preparation for what was about to happen. I reached back and guided him toward his target. Gently, ever so gently, he pressed onward. He kissed the back of my ear, and I opened like a flower. He slid the rest Preteen Lolita Pics of the way in until his pubic hair tickled my butt. Oh jeez! The sensation of him in me sent my mind into a whirl. His too. We moaned in unison. He began to drive back and forth, establishing a rhythm. As our passions mounted, we stroked faster and faster, each expressing verbally what we were feeling. Sweat poured from us. As the minutes passed, our orgasms built until we both screamed in release. When we recovered our composure, Carl eased out of me and rolled me on my back. He climbed on top of me and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. Then, we both stretched languidly. He began to lick the sweat from my neck and shoulder, and I smoothed the muscles of his back. Finally, we rested and were still. Thank you Andy, he murmured. I wanted to do that with you more than anything in the world. My pleasure. I wanted to give to you what a person can give only once in his life. You were a virgin? I nodded. Oh my God, and you gave it to me. This is the most special day of my life. He hugged me tighter. Its special in many ways. Last night we met and had sex. This morning we made Preteen Lolita Pics love. At least thats what it felt like to me. I couldnt see his face buried in my shoulder, but I felt him shudder when I said that. Then, he spoke. Oh yes, he said passionately, We made love! It felt so right, so good. And I feel so content. I dont know exactly how to describe my feelings Carl, but Ill try. Last week I found myself. I freed myself after living for twenty-five years with my soul in a cage. Now, I feel like a new man, ready to live and love for the first time. And I found you. All I can say is that Im happier now than Ive ever been in my life. Carl rose to rest on his elbows and looked down at me, smiling. If youll allow me, Id like to share that happiness with you. Id like that very much. Just then our stomachs rumbled in unison. Jesus, our bodily functions seem to have a way of intruding on our serious moments. Carl chuckled. Dont knock it. Eating is a serious business with me. He looked at his watch. Its time we got moving if were going to catch an early plane back to Los Angeles. We could save time by showering together. You are most practical, and thats a trait I admire greatly in a man. So it endears you to me. I swatted his butt and we headed for the shower. Forty-five minutes later, we were packed and ready to go. We crossed the hall and knocked softly on Jodys door. No answer. Carl eased the door open. The bed was empty. It looked like a battle zone. I heard the shower running and rhythmic moans emanating from the bathroom. Uh oh, I suppose we should give them a little more time, I said, backing out of the room. Yeah, Carl said wryly, Theyve got to make love while they can. Poor Teds smitten, and it looks like Jody is as well. Yeah, its going to be tough for Ted to put Jody on that plane, I mused while we headed back to the kitchen Preteen Lolita Pics and the wonderful smell of baking breakfast rolls. We greeted Mario with hugs and kisses. Where are my Ted and Jody? he asked while taking a sheet of rolls out of the oven. Theyre still in the shower Uncle, Carl said, not untruthfully. Those smell wonderful! he exclaimed, pointing to the rolls. Mario beamed. And they are all for you boys. I thought you might need something substantial to send you on your way. Theyll do nicely Mr. Coletti, I said sincerely, my mouth watering. Then you boys sit and eat while they are hot. Here is butter, honey and some fruit preserves I made myself. Marios smile stretched his face as we attacked the plate of rolls. Carlo, it has made my heart glad to have you here. Please come back more often. I promise, Uncle, Carl answered around a mouthful of roll. Mario smiled at me. And you come back too Andy. It is easy to see that you make my Carlo happy. He isnt the same boy as the one I saw on his last visit. Now he smiles. Both Carl and I flushed red. Ill be very happy to visit you Mr. Coletti, and often. And, Im pleased to tell you that Carl makes me very happy too. Ted and Jody chose that moment to march into the kitchen smiling. But their brave faces couldnt disguise the fact that neither got much sleep. They too greeted Mario with hugs and kisses, then Ted exclaimed, Wow! Whats that wonderful smell? Your breakfast. But you had better sit down and dive in before my delicious rolls disappear. And they did. Conversation languished until the last roll was eaten. I telephoned for our airline tickets, and then we took our leave of Mario, unable to stop the tears of good-bye. As Ted said, Mario was easy to love. We piled into Teds car and headed for the airport. The trip was relatively quiet. The weather was somber too, overcast and cold. Carl and I sat in the back seat holding hands while Ted and Jody murmured softly to each other in Czech. I leaned back against the headrest and listened, noting how soft and lilting the Czech language is. I thought that it must be wonderful to have someone make love to you in that language. Not uncharitably, I also wondered if Ted and Jody had made love last night or if they had just had sex. My meditation ended when we arrived at SFO. We parked and made our way to the security station. This was the decisive moment, for Ted could go no further. He and Jody stood with their hands clasped and I saw tears well up in their eyes. Ted slipped a folded piece of paper into Jodys pocket and pulled him into a passionate kiss. When the kiss broke, their faces were covered with tears. My heart ached for them. Ted pulled Carl and I into a hug and kissed us on the cheek. Aw hell, then we began to cry too. Ted gave us a forced smile and shoved us in the direction of the metal detector. We waved as we passed through and shuffled on toward the boarding gate. The flight home was quiet on our row of the airplane. To be continued. Chapter five, G-Strings Preteen Lolita Pics and Things in Lala Land, will be posted shortly. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this story (or not), tell me about it at I appreciate constructive criticism, and I ignore flames. Please read more of my writing at There, you will find stories that you will enjoy in a variety of categories: adult, celebrity, college, high school, incest, and bisexual.
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